What is the water cockroach, is it dangerous, stings, how to eliminate it?

The water cockroach
The water cockroach

It is always good to know information about pests because they cause a lot of damage to health and the environment. There are several types of pests and one of the most common is cockroaches. Cockroaches belong to the family of the Blatodes. This type of insects is characterized by invading closed spaces such as homes. The common cockroaches are also characterized as carriers of many diseases that can harm humans. We will always be cautious when faced with a cockroach plague problem.

Next we are going to talk to you about another type of “cockroach”, although it really is not a cockroach itself, since it is not a family of the Blatodeos. It is also known as the Water Bug.

What is the water cockroach?

There is a type of cockroach that is called a water cockroach. The water cockroach is an aquatic hemipteran that reaches a size of up to 15 centimeters long. Therefore, its size is much higher than the common cockroach. Its fore legs are thick and help it move in the water and hunt the prey on which it feeds.

To be clearer, the water cockroach is a cockroach that uses its legs as oars. Its ability to move in the water allows it to travel long distances, reach deeper areas and get away from its predators. The water cockroach is a species that can be considered unique.

Is the water cockroach dangerous?

Is the water cockroach poisonous? Unlike the ordinary cockroach that can be found in any home, it is dangerous. Some species of water cockroaches are poisonous. When making their sting, these cockroaches release a toxin on the organism that is the cause of the discomfort that we will describe next.

The damage or symptom that appears after the bite of the water cockroach is the formation of an edema in the area of ​​the bite that can be seen in any part of the body. This bite causes pain due to the proteolytic reactions that take place. It is necessary to counteract the effects by applying the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

Does the cockroach sting?

Yes, the water cockroach stings. As I said earlier, it is a very different kind of cockroach than what we are used to observing. Its size is one of the characteristics that differentiates it from the other cockroaches, besides that, it releases a poison through its bite.

The water cockroach uses its jaw to release venom through the bite. It is a fact to keep in mind. It is better to wear clothes that protect the skin to prevent its sting.

How to eliminate it?

As they are insects that live in or near water, water cockroaches can live without problems near swimming pools. Therefore, it is necessary to know the remedies that are needed to eliminate them. To get rid of the water cockroaches and prevent them from reproducing, we will have to clean the area around the pool. And, most importantly, keep it always clean.

Keeping garbage bins away from the pool area, as well as eliminating stagnant water around the pool, are basic tips that will help you eliminate this uncomfortable plague.

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