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How to fight cockroaches at home

How to fight cockroaches at home

How to fight cockroaches at home

Why should you fight cockroaches at home? Having cockroaches at home can affect peopleĀ“s health of the house. These unpleasant insects serve as a vehicle for pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria to become carriers of various infectious diseases such as salmonella and staphylococci.

At home, cockroaches can also cause asthma in children by inhaling small fragments of them.

If a plague of cockroaches appears in the house, you will soon find their droppings. Also, food will diminish, and fragments of dead cockroaches will appear.

To fight cockroaches at home, prevention is the key

Often, the presence of cockroaches is associated with imperfections in the drainage system of buildings. That’s where cockroaches live and proliferate. The presence of an old sewer system or obsolete fittings and pipes can also become a way of passage between the sewers and the home.

Find the presence of cockroaches. Look in the bathroom, the shower, and near areas. Try to discover the habitat chosen by the insect that can also nest anywhere else in the house.

How to fight cockroaches in the kitchen

Generally, the places chosen by cockroaches are usually warm and welcoming, where there is food and water. Therefore, the kitchen is one of the best places where they can access, although they can also nest in cracks in the pavement, wall coverings, cracks in the wood, drainage boxes, false ceilings …

To combat cockroaches in the kitchen, check the food and make sure there are no traces of what they can eat. Remove cardboard boxes because they can be a source of heat and become a “healthy” environment for the insect. In the kitchen, the presence of ovens or appliances that generate heat and the remains of food can attract the unwanted guest.

Clean the grease from the kitchen and look for cracks there and in the rest of the house. Bread crumbs and leftovers can attract insects. Store food carefully in the cupboards and keep it clean. Avoid condensation and water leaks so that insects do not appear.

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, seek professional help when the infestation problem is there, and it is serious. The experts will disinfect your house and give you useful tips to keep the place free of cockroaches.

Home remedies to fight cockroaches at home


Vinegar is mainly used to prevent the appearance of cockroaches. It is recommended to use it to clean the different surfaces of the house, from the floor to the kitchen table and the bathtub. To apply it, use a cloth soaked in a solution of vinegar and water.

Garlic, laurel, and rosemary

Garlic has an odor that is particularly unpleasant for cockroaches. Place some teeth in the areas where these unpleasant bugs are most likely to be.

The same for the bay leaves and the sprigs of rosemary.


Always have a bottle with soap and water on hand when necessary. This product is usually toxic to cockroaches.


Catnip contains a substance that acts as a true repellent against cockroaches. Place a pot on the balcony, near the windows or on the doors to keep them away. You can also place it in areas of the house where the presence of cockroaches is more frequent, you can even use it to prepare an infusion, store it in an aerosol bottle and then use it directly on the areas where they are.

Be careful if you have a cat at home, it is usually dangerous for them, since it releases a molecule that has a narcotic effect on the animal.


Finally, another natural remedy against cockroaches is the tanacetum. It is a common plant with yellow flowers. It will be enough to distribute some pots near the doors and windows to keep them away.

How to fight cockroaches at home: other remedies

If you choose an insecticide to kill the cockroaches, make sure it is not harmful to the health of the rest of the residents of the house.

How to use bug bombs to kill roaches?

How do fumigating pumps work to kill cockroaches? These pumps are used for the application of insecticides, which can manually measure the amount of substance needed to kill cockroaches.

They are a form of pest control that releases pesticide vapors in the air. Although these sprayers are often a good method of pest control, they also have some disadvantages.

The chemicals that are present in the spray bombs are relatively effective in killing cockroaches, but often fail to penetrate the cracks and gaps where these animals hide.

By supplying this type of insecticide in the home, it can damage furniture and fabrics if it is not administered correctly, it also presents risks for human health and for our pets, even a high concentration, product of a bad location, can make the emitted vapor flammable.

If the cockroach infestation is out of control, and a fumigant pump is necessary, it is best to contact pest control professionals. They will inform you about the procedure and other safe and effective treatments.

Use specialized companies to fight cockroaches

Specialized companies in the field of the fight against cockroach pests in the house, apply poisoned baits that make easier to locate insects at home. They also use concentrated and persistent insecticides in gel form. This prevents odors and inhalation of small amounts of insecticide powder.

Monitoring and control to fight cockroaches at home

Once the first cycle of disinfection of the cockroaches has been carried out, the situation must be kept under control.

It will be necessary an impeccable hygiene in the house. Also, the control of food products and the cracks of closure and fractionation.

A prevention and surveillance system can be applied through monitoring networks with special adhesives that, placed in the hot and humid zones, will warn us about the presence of cockroaches (it can be done a couple of days after the disinfection with insecticides). In this way we can monitor and avoid the infestation of cockroaches in the house.

The insecticides can be applied in the cracks of the house, the entrance door, the bathroom, and the kitchen. In cracks and crevices, biocides can be applied, compounds extracted from natural pyrethrum, esbiothrin and tetramethrin, which reach the nests of cockroaches.

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